While always secretly curious about yoga and meditation, I first came to the practice of yoga in 2005 as a means to rehabilitate a spinal fracture. I fell in love that first class, despite the awkwardness and challenge that 1.5 hour presented. Something happened that day on my mat. The same thing that would happen every time I would step on my mat: I connected to something bigger, and felt a deeper sense of self.

At first, the practice became like an obsession – getting fitter, better at the poses, and “fixing” myself…truth be told, it was just another way for me to be hard on myself. But over time, practice, and patience, I learned to soften again and again. The healing finally came when I let go of the need to be “better”.

For years, I heard the calling for a sound practice as a deep yearning from within, but I felt unable to see it clearly, until I began the practice of Nada Yoga (Sound Yoga) one day, by myself in my room. The shifts that ensued were profound and have been most powerful when gathered with others in a group setting. Approaching my sound practice with the same mindfulness, intention and conscious marriage of body, mind and soul became a yogic practice that has kept me coming back daily.   It is deeply nourishing and has ignited a passion helping others find their true voice.

The teachings continue to evolve and my curiosity towards the human experience deepens with every breath.


Lisa’s teaching is playful, connected, intuitive, creative and empowering.

It takes courage to live your truth. The practice of sound yoga will soothe the soul, and help build the courage for it to shine.